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A busy spring time

Last weekend we had our April House Games. The events included kick ball, ultimate frisbee, and “Boarding Family Feud.” All the boys participated and, though the results were not exactly what we were hoping for, everyone still put in a good effort and seemed to enjoy themselves. Below is the dance routine that Archi performed … Continue reading


Before the Break

This past week was the final full week at SMUS before Spring Break.  There was lots of positive energy coursing through the house as the guys finished assignments and prepared for tests before Spring Break. Luckily some photos were obtained from our participants backstage at the musical.  Their very important job was to move unnoticed … Continue reading


Cold Snap

It has been cold in Canada!  Due to a polar inversion, there has been freezing temperatures in Victoria and we also received a good covering of snow which was a great joy to the members of our community. Throughout the weekend the cold temperatures have not deterred the members of Harvey House from seeking excitement … Continue reading